What's glorious?

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What's Glorious?

what does "glorious" mean to us? 

There are many amazing, creative things already happening across our wonderfully diverse city, and we celebrate that. And we want to identify and support more of them. For us, a “glorious” idea is one that places a premium on all or most of these core principles:


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connected community

Glorious ideas create opportunities for a connected community, embrace a sense of collective belonging, bring people together for authentic and shared experiences.


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civic pride

Glorious ideas recognize the amazing creative assets in our city, make us feel proud of who we are, and aim to celebrate and spread that civic pride.


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creative confidence

Glorious ideas inspire us to be innovative, challenge us to think differently, and encourage us to play together, have fun, and embrace our inner creative child.



embrace diversity

Glorious ideas are open, inclusive and curious, recognize and celebrate the rich diversity that exists across all areas of our community. They aim to break down barriers and proactively integrate diverse voices and perspectives.



champion the creative underdog

Glorious ideas elevate creative voices on the margins that may be as yet unheard and/or don’t yet have a platform or access to resources.


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collective benefit

Glorious ideas create financial and social value for our collective community rather than for a particular individual or entity.




Glorious ideas are awe-inspiring, high quality, magnificent, spectacular, and fill us with a sense of collective joy, wonder and curiosity.


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radical generosity

Glorious ideas are radically generous in sharing ideas, time and resources, are designed to be spread, to be replicated, and/or scaled, and place value on opening access to creativity for everyone in our community.




Glorious ideas are future focused and forward thinking and inspire us to imagine what Modesto can be as well as celebrate what it is.



“I feel glorious, glorious.”

Glorious  |  Macklemore


doing something glorious?

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