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catalyzing the creative cool, with cash

Glorious Modesto is a social enterprise aimed at generating revenue to put back into the community to fund and support glorious ideas and activities. There are beautiful examples of how glorious this city is every day, and whether they need promotional, logistical, financial, or other interventions to fulfill their missions of making Modesto a more glorious place to be, proceeds from our merchandise will go towards identifying and supporting efforts that align with our core principles.


Dog Park Postcard

#GloriousModesto Postcards

We all know people who need a reminder from time to time how glorious Modesto is. Whether they are still residents of Modesto, or have moved away from the area, our first series of postcards features six images drawn from the publicโ€™s use of #GloriousModesto to serve as that reminder.

$2 each

Available at:

Suite 52 Living in McHenry Village
Rodin Ranch Farmers Market, Downtown